Our patented tranquileyes® technology utilizes reusable Instants heat packs and pure water to create effective moist heat therapies. Provides temperature, duration, and humidity recommended by doctors to promote healthy eyes, eyelids, and tear

  • One original tranquileyes® goggle

  • One set of Beads

  • Three sets of thermoeyes™ Instants

  • Two sets of pockets for Beads and Instants

  • One microfiber storage bag

  • One mesh bag for Beads and washing

  • Manual

To prepare moist heat therapies, simply activate the Instants by clicking the disc inside the gel pack back and forth until it starts generating heat. Place Instants inside moistened fabric pockets and into the back of the goggle. Wear up to 12 minutes or as directed by your eye doctor.
Don’t forget to submerge and boil the Instants gel packs after each use for 2-3 minutes to reset them (Do not leave unattended). Carefully remove gel packs with a spoon and place on a towel to cool. Do not handle while cooling. The gel packs should be ready for reuse in approximately 30 minutes.

If you prefer to use the Beads, microwave them in their fabric pockets and mesh bag in 1 cup of water for 45 seconds. Carefully remove Beads from net bag and insert into the back of the goggle. Please test Beads are not too hot to the touch before placing over closed eyelids. Wear up to 12 minutes or as directed by your eye doctor.

For cold treatments, insert Beads with fabric pockets into the back of the goggle. Place the goggle in a self-sealing plastic bag and leave in the freezer for 20-30 minutes. Once the goggle is removed from the bag, place over closed eyelids. Wear for 15 minutes or as directed by your eye doctor.

You can also sleep with the goggle and moisten the black foam inserts to increase humidity around the eyes.
If you need further assistance or you have lost your instructions, don’t hesitate in contacting us.

Precaution: This product has been designed to be used solely to facilitate eye comfort during rest or sleep and is not to be used for any other purpose. It is not intended to be used as protective eyewear. For your safety, do not drive, operate machinery, or attempt to walk around while using this product.
Hand wash black foam inserts and white fabric pockets with mild soap and warm water after each use. Rinse well, squeeze out extra moisture and air dry in enclosed mesh bag. Only wash plastic eye covers with foam attached in the same way when needed. Foam (outer cushion and inner pad) should be replaced periodically or when it begins to lift from eyecup.

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Aqueous Deficient Dry Eye, Sjögren's Syndrome

This syndrome is an autoimmune disease characterized by dry eyes and mouth. The immune system of people suffering from Sjögren’s Syndrome attacks the glands that keep these lubricated, but it also affects the whole body. About 4 million Americans have Sjögren’s Syndrome, and it’s more common in women. Symptoms include gritty or burning sensation in the eyes, dry mouth, lips, throat and eyes, difficulty talking, chewing or swallowing and joint pain.

Treatment is symptomatic; dry eye caused by Sjögren’s Syndrome is often treated with warm compresses, artificial tears, punctual plugs, cyclosporine or corticosteroids.

Read more about this condition. 

  1. Clean eyelids and face daily with Gentle Tea Tree Eyelid & Facial Cleanser™

  2. 15-18 min moist-heat daily with tranquileyes® (with Beads or Instants) and gently massage eyelids

  3. Skin therapy with Essential Nine™ Eyelid & Skin Therapy

  4. Daytime shelter with Moisture Relesease Eyewear™

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Worth Every Penny and More
It's hard for me to contain the excitement I've felt from using the Tranquileyes. I was skeptical at first, having tried many different eye masks, but after finally taking the plunge, I'm going to be a lifelong customer. It came to my attention last year that I have nocturnal lagophthalmos, and without the help of an ophthalmologist, I began searching for a way out of my constant tossing and turning during sleep, not to mention the severe dryness that I woke up to every morning. Thankfully, I fo... Read More
Michael T.,  April 30, 2018
I absolutely love those goggles
I absolutely love those goggles, I am sure I haven’t slept this good in a while, I am a dry eye sufferer as well as having an eyelid damaged from Bell’s Palsy that doesn’t close all of the way, so they are a big help for both of those problems. I cannot say enough good things about them , they are great and the cushion is so soft like memory foam, they don’t hurt my face at all and the headband is very comfortable. I’m very pleased. 
Anonymous,  March 7, 2018