Doctor recommended, our patented Stye Kit xl therapy provides immediate relief from styes and chalazia. Reusable gel packs, soft fabric pockets, and pure water are placed into the flexible eye cup and secured with a hands-free design for maximum com

Blue (Right Eye)
1. One eye cup with strap
2. Four reusable thermoeyes™ instants xl™
3. One set of white fabric pockets
4. One mesh bag for cleaning
1. Moisten white fabric pocket in filtered or bottled water.
2. Activate blue thermoeyes™ xl gel pack:
• For first time use, there is no need to reset (boil) first. Hold gel pack in a vertical position lengthwise so the internal metal disc floats down to the narrow end of the gel pack.
• With the internal disc positioned at one end of the gel pack, use thumb and forefinger of both hands to grasp the opposite edges of the disc. Bend the steel disc back and forth to create a clicking sound. The sound activates the heating process.
• Continue to bend the disc back and forth and make the clicking sound until the gel starts to crystallize and generate heat.
3. Insert activated gel pack into moistened fabric pocket. Then, place pocketed gel pack into back of eye cup.
4. Place eye cup over closed eyelid and gently pull the head strap over the back of head to secure.
5. Wear 10-15 minutes, morning and night, or as directed by your eye doctor.

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