We've been changing lives since 2003

If you don't suffer from dry, irritated or allergy-prone eyes, it's easy to dismiss the problem. If you do, you know how much it can impact your life. From entire nights of lost sleep to constant irritation during the day, it can affect your focus, health, and relationships.

That's why we've dedicated ourselves to providing relief for the millions of Americans who suffer daily from eye problems, wholly through natural, drug-free products.


We weren't founded by a ring of profit-hunting investors. Nor are we the result of some conglomerate healthcare company. We're the result of one woman's ongoing quest to help people in their battle against eye conditions.

Suzanne Paulson was sitting in a consumer product review when she heard about Sjögren's Syndrome, a chronic condition in which white-blood cells attack and destroy the glands in the body that produce tears.

Suzanne was moved by the experience of patients with the condition. She set to work, using her 15 years as a pioneer in the eye care industry to seek out a solution.

She found one. Eye Eco's first product - tranquileyes® - The first all natural, drug-free treatment for dry eyes designed to work in tandem with other hydration aids.

The response? Overwhelmingly positive.

Since then, Suzanne and her team have worked to improve the original product, as well as develop further innovations in the therapeutic eye product field.

We believe eye health requires a holistic approach. In fact, recent research has shown that many eye problems may be prevented through a long-term, daily regimen. We're here to help spread the word, and consequently, stop the suffering before it starts.

The Company

Eye Eco Inc. is California-based, locally owned, and 100% committed to developing innovations in the eye hydration field. Our goal is to bring long lasting relief to dry, irritated eyes through natural, effective products that improve the quality of our customers' lives, every single day.