General Questions

Do you ship outside the United States?

Yes, we ship everywhere

I lost my instructions, where can I find them?

You can find simple instructions about your product on its product page on this website. For complete instructions, please refer to this page. You can also watch this helpful videos for more directions.


What is tranquileyes®?

Our patented tranquileyes® and tranquileyes® xl systems are the only scientifically proven, natural home treatments on the market that deliver safe, controlled moist-heat for up to 20-25 minutes. The combination of a heat source and water insulated in the thermal plastic goggle is the key to achieving the optimum temperature, humidity and duration proven to provide immediate and long-term relief from symptoms of moderate to severe dry eye, MGD and blepharitis.

How does tranquileyes® help relieve dry eye symptoms?

Optimum moist-heat therapy has been proven to effectively promote immediate and long-term relief from mild to severe dry eye. The heat loosens critical oils in the Meibomian glands required to slow tear evaporation while the humidity stabilizes tear film and hydrates sensitive eyelids and surrounding skin.

How long will it take to experience relief from dry eye symptoms?

The benefits of D.E.R.M, tranquileyes® and tranquileyes® XL are cumulative. The results will vary depending on severity. Mild dry eye patients will find immediate relief. Patients with moderate to severe will find immediate relief however long-term relief will require on-going treatments. Dry Eye is a progressive disease. Much like you brush your teeth daily, applying optimum moist-heat regularly is required. Doctors recommend patients with mild dry eye, apply 5 minutes of moist-heat every other day. Moderate to severe patients need to apply moist-heat 10-20 minutes daily to achieve immediate and long-term relief.

What other eye conditions will tranquileyes® and tranquileyes® XL help with?

Tranquileyes® XL can help treat blepharitis, meibomian gland dysfunction and ocular allergies. The tranquileyes® goggle can help treat lagophthalmos, corneal erosions and migraines. If you have been diagnosed with an eye condition, you can check what products we specifically recommend for it here

Can I use tranquileyes® with other dry eye products?

Yes. All of our products, including tranquileyes®, can be used with other dry eye treatments including artificial tears, ointments (night use), supplements or Restasis® or Xiidra®. If you have specific questions, please ask your eye doctor.

Can I sleep with tranquileyes® or tranquileyes® XL?

Yes. The tranquileyes® goggle is designed for sleep and helps shelter the eyes from air drafts. We recommend using the black foam inserts for sleep. This is why we recommend tranquileyes® for aqueous deficient dry eye patients. They can use the system to create moist-heat therapies and sleep comfortably with the goggles. If you have moderate to severe dry eye and plan to sleep with the tranquileyes®, we recommend soaking the black foam inserts in warm water prior to going to bed for a mild moist-heat therapy. The tranquileyes® xl is 30% larger than the tranquileyes®, resting over the orbital bones. It is a little too large for most people to sleep with comfortably. There is no harm in sleeping with it though if comfortable.

Can I sleep with the thermoeyes gel packs?

We do not recommend sleeping with thermoeyes. They are not harmful however they can become uncomfortable after they cool down. Instead, we suggest sleeping with the black foam inserts that come with the tranquileyes® goggle.

What is inside the thermoeyes gel packs?

The Instants (blue gel packs) contain sodium acetate which is a non-toxic, food-grade salt water. The Beads (green gel packs) contain water, glycerin and sodium polyacrylate, all non-toxic ingredients.

How do the thermoeyes Instants generate heat?

The thermoeyes Instants contain sodium acetate. When the metal disc inside the gel pack is clicked back and forth, it creates a sound or frequency, which changes the molecular structure of the sodium acetate from liquid to crystal. This process generates heat. To reuse the gel pack, it needs to be boiled in water for a few minutes (see directions) until the crystals are dissolved.

My thermoeyes Instants won't generate heat, what do I do?

The Instants need to be in their liquid state to generate heat. First check to see if the metal disc inside the packet is moving around. If it is not, or if you notice any crystals inside the gel pack, you will need to reset the thermoeyes Instants by boiling them. If the Instants are in their liquid state and you are unable to activate them, roll the stainless disc to one of the narrow corners of the gel pack. You can hold the gel pack to the light to help you see the disc better. Use two hands and click the metal disc back then forth several times. Continue clicking the disc until the liquid inside the gel pack starts to crystallize. It might take up to 20-30 click the first time you activate them.

Why aren't my Beads staying as hot as it says they will?

Some people experience the feeling of the Beads cooling down too quickly. Don't worry! The gel packs are still working at optimum temperature, but your body is adjusting to the heat. This situation is comparable to getting in a hot tub: after a while your body adjusts to the temperature. You may feel like they are cooling down but it is actually just your body adjusting to the heat, the gel pack is still working.

Are the thermoeyes gel packs reusable?

Yes. The Instants are reusable over 100 times for heat and indefinitely for cold. The Beads are reusable approximately 60 times for heat and can also be used very effectively for cold.

How long will the thermoeyes heat last?

The Instant will stay at optimum temperature for 15-18 minutes when combined with water and tucked inside the tranquileyes® goggle after activation. The Beads will stay at optimum temperature in the same way for 12-15 minutes. Both XL size gel packs stay at optimum temperature for 20-25 minutes inside the goggle with moisture.

How hot do the thermoeyes gel packs get?

You can check the performance of these here.

How do I clean the goggle?

Any part which is soaked in water prior to use needs to be cleaned with a mild anti-bacterial soap and rinsed with warm water after every use. This includes the black foam inserts (used for sleeping), white thermopads and fabric pockets used with the Beads. For more information about how to care for your tranquileyes®, please refer to the instructions included with the product. If you've lost them, you can find them here

How long does the foam on the tranquileyes® goggle last?

Foam (outer cushion and foam insert) should be replaced periodically, typically after 60 uses if sleeping with the goggle. They will last longer if used for treatment only.

How do I replace the foam in the tranquileyes® goggle?

You can watch this helpful video or refer to the instructions on this page

How do I replace the head wrap?

You can watch this helpful video or refer to the instructions on this page

Nighttime Dry Eye

I need a sleep mask; which one do I choose?

We offer four different hydrating nighttime shelters for different face structures: eyeseals, eyeseals 4.0, tranquileyes® and silicone shields Onyix/Quartz. Our eyeseals and eyeseals 4.0 are made of medical grade thermal plastic and rest on top of the orbital bones. We recommend them for nighttime dry eye, lagophthalmos (black), CPAP users with a partial mask (clear), and recurrent corneal erosions. Our tranquileyes® rest on the orbital bones and have viscoelastic foam and foam inserts that can be soaked in water for increased humidity. We recommend them for nighttime dry eye, lagophthalmos, air travel and recurrent corneal erosions. The smallest ones, Onyix/Quartz are made of silicone and rest inside the orbital bones. They are recommended for nighttime dry eye, lagophthalmos (Onyix), CPAP users with a full mask (Quartz) and air travel. You can compare how they differ in size on the image below and check specific measures in their product page.

Comaprison of Nighttime Shelter

How do I clean my eyeseals or silicone shield?

Wash with baby shampoo and rinse well with warm water after each use. Dry with enclosed microfiber sack. You can also wash the head band as needed with cold water and mild soap.

Daytime Dry Eye

Can I put a prescription on the Moisture Release Eyewear?

Yes, the small frame supports +/-4.0 Rx and the large frame supports +/-3.0 Rx. We sell the eyewear without prescription but they are Rx ready. You can contact your optometrist to get this done, although some labs are not able to do it. If that's the case, contact us for further assistance.

Do I need to replace the cartridges in the Moisture Release Eyewear?

Yes. If you are using the eyewear daily, we suggest replacing out the cartridges every three months or so. There are two sets of cartridges included with the original purchase, and you can find more under Accessories.

How does the Moisture Release Eyewear work?

The frame contains two removable cartridges. Before wearing, you soak the cartridges in water then return them to the frame. There is a tiny piece of foam inside the cartridge. The frame has rubber gaskets and a bendable bridge which, when worn, seals the space around the eyes. As you wear the eyewear, the moisture from the foam in the cartridge evaporates to create a comfortable environment for your eyes by increasing the relative humidity. This helps to stabilize the tear film, which improves visual acuity and reduces eye fatigue and redness.