"I was having trouble a few years ago with eyelid styes in the summer..not the eyelash ones,but under the lid - ugh. After visiting my optometrist he suggested an eye lid wash to reduce the oil that he felt was making this happen...I had been using baby shampoo, but it was drying the lids out - sooo I found your online store and ordered....I have not had a problem in over 2 years..I use the wash faithfully every night and also during the day if doing something that I know has increased sweat and oil. I love the fact that it doesn't burn and leaves my lids and face feeling so clean and soft. The price is affordable and it will be something that I always use. I've recommended this to several people. I recently switched optometrists and showed her the product - she loves your prouct and actually carry it in their office!!

Thank you for checking in - I've never had a representative contact me before, and it just shows how much you care about the buyer and the product!

You guys rock. "

“I have recurring blepharitis and the 2% TEA TREE EYELID & FACIAL CLEANSER did an amazing job of getting it under control, but my eyelids were irritated and chapped. My ophthalmologist recommended the ESSENTIAL NINE™ EYELID & SKIN THERAPY to treat my dry eyelids, but let me know that it could be used on the entire face. We camp a lot in the summer and I love that I could take only one moisturizer that could do everything. This weekend I discovered that due to blowing sand on the beach, I had rubbed off all of my sunscreen from my nose and under my eyes and those areas were bright red and painful. After washing my face I applied the E9 before bed and woke up the next morning, with my face barely even pink and pain free. After applying a second treatment in the morning my skin was basically back to normal. Amazing product!”