What Patients Say

Rich, NJ

This is the first product that has ever worked for me. I have tried every o.t.c. eyedrops and oils and prescription drops with no relief. This [Gentle Tea Tree Eyelid & Facial Cleanser] eyewash really helps with blepharitis flareups and is an great daily eyelid cleaner . I will be sure to tell my doctor about this.

Mary, IL

Yesterday’s I went to my eye doctor. I have sleep apnea and Sjogren’s so my eyes are always very, very dry. Because of my condition, I’ve always had dry spots on my cornea. Yesterday, for the first time, my doctor found NO dry spots on my cornea! The only thing I changed was I had started sleeping in your mask. He said keep doing whatever it is that I’m doing because it is working! While I still have pain, your product has helped turn down the volume on the pain and make my eyes feel so much better. Thank you!

Naomi, CA

I wanted to let you know that your eye mask is the best yet. Yesterday we installed new florescent lights in our office and were not able to get the solar/sun colored bulbs, our local hardware store ran out and we got about 6 blue ones instead. Within a few minutes my eyes really started to hurt, squinting and just felt really dried out while I was working on the computer (which is what I do all day). I thought of your eye mask which I had tried a few times in the last month.

When I went to bed last night I used my mask with warm water and fell right to sleep. Today, my eyes feel wonderful, do I dare say that they feel clean, soft and perfect. My eyes feel as if I had plenty of rest and while I am back in the office today the lights are not bothering me as of yet. I have used herbal (lavender) masks before and they do help me sleep, but they definitely do not help my eyes rejuvenate the way your masks do. Thank you so much for this wonderful creation

Dave, MS

After having LASIK surgery, my eyes are very dry. My doctor suggested I try your product with my artificial tears. I was a bit skeptical at first however after the first couple of days using your product, my eyes started feeling better. I now wear my tranquileyes 30 minutes or so a day and not only do my eyes find a level of relief I can’t find using artificial tears alone, my entire body feels better – very relaxing. Thanks!

Patricia, CO

You completely undersold your product. I purchased tranquileyes™ to relieve my dry eyes when I travel. Little did I know what a great product it is for getting a good night sleep! Last night I wore them to bed for the first time and to my amazement, had the best night sleep I have had in months! I can’t say enough good things about them. Thanks for the z’s!

Sharon, CA

My mother has Sjogren’s and suffers from severe dry eyes. I read about your product and decided to buy one for my mother. She takes it with her everywhere! She absolutely loves it! As a matter of fact, whenever she receives a phone call, she now asks the caller to wait a minute, puts down the phone and slips her mask on. Her eyes feel so much better and they are extremely relaxing to wear. She is so excited about your product she bought one for her doctor, my sister and I. Thank you for making such a wonderful product!

Joanne, IL

Hi, I have Sjogren’s Syndrome and read about tranquileyes™ through the Sjogren’s organization and decided to try them. Last night I wore my new tranquileyes™ for the first time. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing! How wonderful it felt to wake up and NOT have my eyes dry and achy.
Thank you,

Laurie, CA

Discovering Eye Eco literally gave me my life back! My tear production level was reduced by 80% when I was only 19! I lived in constant pain. My eyes were so dry that every time I blinked my eye lids would scratch my cornea since there was no tear fluid to protect my eyes. I had tried everything. Punctual occlusion, Moisture chamber glasses, putting in eye drops every 1/2 hour (that even had to be made up for me) and a trysorraphy (eye lids stitched 2/3 permanently shut). Nothing could stop the pain.

Now more than 20 years later, and missing out on so many things in my life, due to the pain,(and I am not a wimp) I have had many other things in my life that caused pain, such as broken limbs, multiple surgeries, delivering my children, but nothing brought my life to a screeching halt as my eye pain. I have had to miss many things, or could not pay attention to the event, such as my children’s activities, outings with my friends, social events with my husband (if I did try to go, because I really wanted to see my children in their different activities) I had so much pain that all ended up doing was trying to concentrate on not concentrating on the pain.

Now, I use tranquileyes™ every time I sleep, including naps in the afternoon. If my eyes are bothering me more than average then I will put eye ointment in them and use the Thermo Pads. Thanks to these products, my eye pain has been reduced by about 85%, I can now enjoy outings with my friends, go out with my husband in the evening, and go to my children’s events. I am so thankful that I found out about this great product!!!!!”

Katherine, IL

I began to suffer with extremely dry eyes many years after reconstructive eyelid surgery, and another surgery would be necessary if an eye hydrating solution could not be found. I was fortunate to have found tranquileyes™ Deluxe Eye Hydrating Therapy. Now I have thoroughly hydrated eyes, no red spots, and I enjoy a deep full night of sleep while wearing the goggles as a night mask. Best of all, this thoughtfully designed product has saved me from additional surgery, and goes far beyond beautifying.

Margaret, MI

I don’t usually do this but your products have made a huge difference in my health and well being. I was diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome two years ago after my eyes had gotten so dry I could barely see out of my right eye. I ran across mention of your products on the Dry Eye Zone message board. I ordered the chronic dry eye kit and it’s been a huge blessing. In addition to struggling with dry eyes, I work on a computer all day and my eyes get really strained. Tranquileyes™ have helped immensely with soothing the eye strain as well as hydrating my eyes. I ordered some of the Tini Bikinis and they are great for travel. I used one on an overnight international flight and they helped a lot – and they look super cute. I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your products. They really do help and I appreciate the effort you put into developing them. I look forward to see what you have in store next!