Frequently Asked Question

How does the Moisture Release Eyewear work?

The frame contains two removable cartridges. Before wearing, you soak the cartridges in water then return them to the frame. There is a tiny piece of foam inside the cartridge. The frame has foam cushions and a bendable bridge which, when worn, seals the space around the eyes. As you wear the eyewear, the moisture from the foam in the cartridge evaporates, increasing the relative humidity around the eyes. The increased humidity helps to stabilize the tear film. A stable tear film improves visual acuity, reduces eye fatigue and redness. The eyewear serves to create a moist comfortable environment for your eyes.

Can I use the thermoeyes™ as a cold pack?

Yes. The cold therapies help relieve symptoms of eye allergies, puffiness and sinus pressure. When using the instant (blue) version of the thermoeyes™, place the gel pack in the freezer for 30 minutes. Be sure the gel pack is in its liquid state. When ready, remove the gel pack from freezer and insert into back of goggle. Moisten on set of thermopads (thin white foam) with cold water and place on top of gel packs. Wear for 15-20 minutes. For the Beads, place Bead gel pack into fabric sleeve and moisten with water. Place gel pack and pocket into plastic sealing bag. Place bag in freezer for 30 minutes. Remove when ready and insert into back of goggle. Wear 15-20 minutes.

How do the instant thermoeyes™ generate heat?

The instant thermoeyes™ contain Sodium Acetate and a stainless steel disc. When the stainless steel disc is bent back and forth, it creates a sound or frequency, which changes the molecular structure of the sodium acetate from liquid to crystal. This process generates heat. When all of the liquid has been crystallized, the thermoeyes™ will cool down and become hard.

My instant thermoeyes™ won’t generate heat, what do I do?

The thermoeyes™ need to be in their liquid state to generate heat. First check to see if the stainless steel disc inside the packet is moving around. If it is not, or if you notice ANY crystals inside the gel pack, you will need to reset the thermoeyes™ by boiling them.
If the thermoeyes™ are in their liquid state and you are unable to activate them, roll the stainless disc to one of the narrow corners of the gel pack. Use two hands and bend the stainless steel disc back then forth several times. Continue clicking the disc until the liquid inside the gel pack starts to crystallize.

Are the thermoeyes™ reusable?

Yes. The Instant thermoeyes™ are reusable approximately 100 times for heat and indefinitely for cold. After activating and using the instant thermoeyes™ for Moist Heat Therapy, boil the gel packs in a continuous rolling boil for two – three minutes. The boiling action melts the crystals back to liquid while also cleaning the gel packs. Remove from water and let cool. he Beads are reusable approximately 50 times for heat and can also be used very effectively for cold.