Naomi, CA

I wanted to let you know that your eye mask is the best yet. Yesterday we installed new florescent lights in our office and were not able to get the solar/sun colored bulbs, our local hardware store ran out and we got about 6 blue ones instead. Within a few minutes my eyes really started to hurt, squinting and just felt really dried out while I was working on the computer (which is what I do all day). I thought of your eye mask which I had tried a few times in the last month.

When I went to bed last night I used my mask with warm water and fell right to sleep. Today, my eyes feel wonderful, do I dare say that they feel clean, soft and perfect. My eyes feel as if I had plenty of rest and while I am back in the office today the lights are not bothering me as of yet. I have used herbal (lavender) masks before and they do help me sleep, but they definitely do not help my eyes rejuvenate the way your masks do. Thank you so much for this wonderful creation