Laurie, CA

Discovering Eye Eco literally gave me my life back! My tear production level was reduced by 80% when I was only 19! I lived in constant pain. My eyes were so dry that every time I blinked my eye lids would scratch my cornea since there was no tear fluid to protect my eyes. I had tried everything. Punctual occlusion, Moisture chamber glasses, putting in eye drops every 1/2 hour (that even had to be made up for me) and a trysorraphy (eye lids stitched 2/3 permanently shut). Nothing could stop the pain.

Now more than 20 years later, and missing out on so many things in my life, due to the pain,(and I am not a wimp) I have had many other things in my life that caused pain, such as broken limbs, multiple surgeries, delivering my children, but nothing brought my life to a screeching halt as my eye pain. I have had to miss many things, or could not pay attention to the event, such as my children’s activities, outings with my friends, social events with my husband (if I did try to go, because I really wanted to see my children in their different activities) I had so much pain that all ended up doing was trying to concentrate on not concentrating on the pain.

Now, I use tranquileyes™ every time I sleep, including naps in the afternoon. If my eyes are bothering me more than average then I will put eye ointment in them and use the Thermo Pads. Thanks to these products, my eye pain has been reduced by about 85%, I can now enjoy outings with my friends, go out with my husband in the evening, and go to my children’s events. I am so thankful that I found out about this great product!!!!!”