Treating Nighttime Dry Eye

At Eye Eco we’ve been talking about what we think might be the most neglected topic in today’s dry eye conversation and that is Nighttime Dry Eye. Nighttime Dry Eye can have several causes including Nocturnal Lagophthalmos, Compromised Lid Seal, Sleep Apnea, Floppy Eye and Aqueous Deficient Dry Eye.

When it comes to treating Nighttime Dry Eye there are a few options. Some of the most recommended treatments have been around for ages. There is one option that is natural, innovative and proven that we think your patients will appreciate.

Here are some of the most frequently recommended treatment options for patients with nighttime dry eye:

Taping the Lids Shut – Use a small piece of tape and tape the upper and lower lids together. The tape is placed on the lower half of the upper eyelid and on the skin under the eye area to help the eyelids create a seal. Everyone has tape, but for many sleeping with tape on the face isn’t comfortable and sometimes it comes off. It can also be annoying when a person puts the tape on and then realizes there’s something they need to do before bed or if they need to get up for the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Weights – Weights are surgically inserted into the eyelids. With the extra weight gravity can help the lids close all the way. Many patients would prefer trying other options before resorting to surgery.

Ointments – Each night before bed an ointment is applied to help keep the eyes lubricated. Besides getting ointment on pillows, the process can also be annoying when needing to do something before dozing off since it can temporarily blur the patient’s vision. For some, the ointment doesn’t last through the night and they may still wake with dry eyes.

Hydrating Nighttime Mask – Simply place a specialty mask over the eyes. The mask not only seals in moisture to help keep eyes lubricated, it also protects eyes from the surrounding environment including air leaks from a CPAP mask.

Which one do we believe is the best choice?

The Eyeseals 4.0 Hydrating Sleep Mask

We believe the hydrating nighttime mask is the best choice for a number of reasons:

It’s easy to put on, take off, and put on again. It’s a modern, all natural treatment that doesn’t involve taping your eyelids or surgery. Pillows stay clean. And, the effects are immediate and long lasting. A well fitting nighttime mask is comfortable and many doctors appreciate that they can recommend it along with other products to enhance the lubricating effects for severe nighttime dry eye patients.

At Eye Eco our hydrating nighttime masks can help patients who experience nighttime dry eye. They come in several colors including clear. Our clear masks are perfect for patients who use a CPAP machine, experience claustrophobia, or who want to wake up to light shining in the morning. Other colors provide a blackout effect; which is perfect for those with lagophthalmos, compromised lid seal, or anyone who does not want to wake up to light shining in the mornings.

Eyeseals™ & Eyeseals™ 4.0

These masks are hypoallergenic, latex-free, BPA-free and made in the USA. We recommend spritzing each eye chamber with one of our Tranquileyes Waters to enhance the hydrating effect. Also available are EyeSeals™ specifically designed for use with a CPAP mask.
Get Eyeseals™

Eye Eco offers a range of nighttime masks that protect eyes from the environment or air leaks from a CPAP mask, and hold in moisture to promote better sleep and eye health, see all of Eye Eco’s nighttime dry eye products, click here.

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