What Eye Eco Products Do The Experts Recommend?

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We are very fortunate to work with caring and hardworking doctors who help people everyday. Over the last month we’ve featured some of the top dry eye doctors from across the nation in our emails and on our blog.

We shared stories about how these doctors were able to help patients find relief from their dry eyes. Our favorite story was from Dr. Selina McGee of Precision Vision Edmond in Edmond, OK, about an artist who was able to pick up her paintbrush again after finding a treatment plan that worked for her. Read the article: Dry Eye Doctors Changing Lives.

Then we shared top tips from dry eye experts on managing dry eye. Read the article, Managing Dry Eye: Tips from the Experts.

Lastly, we wanted to share about the incredible work these doctors do and, hopefully, encourage people who haven’t been to a dry eye doctor lately to schedule an appointment. Read the article, Diagnosing Dry Eye: It’s Different Now.

In our correspondence with these doctors we were excited to see that they recommend Eye Eco products to their own patients!

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Here are the some of the Eye Eco products that were most recommended:

Tea Tree Eyelid and Facial Cleanser™

These daily cleansers were the most mentioned Eye Eco product by these dry eye experts. The cleansers gently remove all dirt and make-up while deeply hydrating the skin.

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This nighttime shelter can help you wake up without dry eyes. The overnight treatment helps create a moisture rich space over the eyes to hydrate eyelids and preserve tears.

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These sets provide moist-heat treatments and can be used to help prevent dry eye or to quickly relieve dry eyes.

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D.E.R.M.™ stands for Dry Eye Relief Mask and eye care professionals use it to provide treatments for mild dry eye.

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If you experience dry eye consider trying Eye Eco products. All of our products have been designed to relieve dry eyes and are doctor recommended. All products come with a guarantee, and if you’re not sure which product is the best option to help you experience dry eye relief, our fantastic customer service team can help guide your decision.

Visit www.EyeEco.com or call us toll free at 1.888.730.7999.

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Thanks again to the dry eye doctors who contributed to our articles! And thanks to dry eye doctors around the world for the amazing work you do!