Managing Dry Eye – Tips From the Experts

Dr. Jerry Robben at Dry Eye University teaching about meibomian gland evaluation.

At Eye Eco we are fortunate to be able to talk with dry eye doctors from across the country about their profession. Dry eye doctors are diagnosing people with dry eye and determining the treatment options that work best for them every day. And, we are proud to serve so many of these caring and hardworking professionals.

Dry eyes can have a huge impact on day to day life for some people. Luckily, dry eye doctors know more than ever about treatment options and many people are now able to find relief. (Last month we shared about some outstanding dry eye doctors: Dry Eye Doctors Changing Lives.)

Today we are sharing recommendations from the experts. We asked them…

What are three things you recommend patients with chronic dry eye do to improve their comfort at home or at work?

Here’s what the dry eye experts had to say:

“The average person blinks approximately 15 times per minute. With computer use, that number decreases to 3-4 times per minute. Follow the 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 minutes, look 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Simply remembering to blink can help with dry eyes.

Adequate water intake is critical to provide a pristine tear film since poor hydration can cause dry eyes. Drinking water helps keep the eyes sufficiently hydrated and may improve the quality of the tear film. Tears are important to protect and lubricate the eyes. Tears wash away foreign objects and reduce the risk of eye infections. A poor tear film can also affect and cause decreased or fluctuating vision. An adequate tear film keeps the surface of the eyes clear and smooth, thus improving vision.

Lubrication with prescription eyedrops, preservative-free artificial tears, higher viscosity preservative-free artificial tears, lubricant ointment and moisture release daytime or nighttime eyewear can all moisten eyes and prevent dry eye.

Wearing sunglasses outdoors protect the eyes against damaging rays of the sun, harsh wind conditions and poor air quality. Wraparound sunglasses are especially beneficial.”

– Dr. Melissa Barnett in Sacramento, CA

“Most patients have issues with inflammation and meibomian gland disease, so I recommend treatments specific to that, such as Tranquileyes XL mask once a day and PRN omega 3’s. I also find that many people have lagophthalmos and the Eye Seals works wonders for that!”

– Dr. Crystal Brimer is the owner of Focus Eye Care in Wilmington, NC, and is the founder of The Dry Eye Institute

“EyeEco Derm mask, the gentle EyeEco Lid Wash with tea tree, blink exercises.  I write a lot of prescription medications as well, and prescribe the TrueTear”

– Dr. Selina R. McGee at Precision Vision Edmond in Edmond, OK

“In our clinics we recommend for all patients to exercise some preventative treatment, even if they do not have dry eye disease. For all patients we advise them to start warm compresses with a DERM mask. Do Lids scrubs with the Eye-eco gentle scrub and to use Hydroeye vitamins and Oasis or Retain tears. Once a patient truly has the disease we then customize our approach beyond that treatment.”

– Dr. Jerry L. Robben at Bowden Eye & Associates in Jacksonville, FL

“The top three things I recommend are Omega 3 supplements, prescription or over the counter eye drops, and warm compresses. But, dry eye treatment is a journey. There are many available treatment options and different treatment options work for different patients. Often combination therapy is required. Successful dry eye treatment results when the doctor and patient work together to find the best solution.”

– Dr. Katie Schaller at SSM Health in Portage, WI


Thank you dry eye doctors! These tips are great for anyone who experiences dry eye, but there is no substitute for visiting your eye doctor. If your eyes have felt strained, dry or uncomfortable then you should schedule an appointment.

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