Dry Eye Doctors Changing Lives

Since 2003, Eye Eco has been dedicated to bringing you natural home treatments for immediate and long-term dry eye relief. Which means we have been doing this for 15 years!

Over the years, we have been honored to have many dry eye patients share their journey in finding relief. (Last month we shared some of their stories. You can find them on our blog: The Human Side of Dry Eye.)

Also in that time, we have had the privilege of working with some amazing eye care professionals. We often reach out to them to hear what they have to say about dry eye, dry eye treatment, and the patients they see.

We asked some of the best dry eye professionals across the country to share their stories about treating patients with dry eye. Here are some of our favorite responses:

“The standout [story] is an artist that had given up her craft because she was suffering with dryness and could no longer see. She had been to 2-3 doctors before finally making her way to me. After months of treatment with medications, punctal plugs, heat therapy and finally the TrueTear she has picked up her paintbrush again!”

– Dr. Selina R. McGee at Precision Vision Edmond in Edmond, OK

“A 58-year old female came in with swollen eyes, complaints of eye ache, and a sandy sensation. She felt the need to blink to see better and had difficulty reading small print. After a thorough examination management strategies included prescription eye drops, preservative free eye drops, lubricant ointment, frequent breaks on the computer, oral Omega fatty acids and moisture goggles at night. She was advised to avoid an overhead fan at night and direct air on the eyes. Fortunately with all of these strategies, she reported that her eyes are much more comfortable – without dryness, pain, nor ache. The sandy and swollen sensation was resolved and her vision improved.”

– Dr. Melissa Barnett in Sacramento, CA

“Too many stories to count! There are so many people with significant dry eye who are not getting the help that they need. Once they find their way to us, we have to work hard to reverse the damage caused by this disease. We are always expanding our knowledge. With that, plus perseverance and hard work with the patient, we can usually gain success.”

– Dr. Jerry L. Robben at Bowden Eye & Associates in Jacksonville, FL

Thanks to these amazing doctors and others around the world more and more people are able to experience relief from their dry eye. We greatly appreciate the work they do to help patients see and feel better. Thank you Dry Eye Doctors!

Honoring Dry Eye Doctors

Do you specialize in dry eye? If you do and you would like to be featured by Eye Eco please contact us! We would love to hear from you about your experiences treating dry eye. Please email us at CustomerService1@EyeEco.com.

This month we plan to honor the dry eye doctors that are busy diagnosing and treating dry eye patients every day. Do you know any great dry eye doctors who have stories we can share? Please have them contact us at CustomerService1@EyeEco.com.

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