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July is Dry Eye Awareness Month and we’ve been spreading awareness in two ways. First, we shared stories from real people who have been on a dry eye journey to find relief. Second, we celebrated Dry Eye Awareness by having a sale!

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Read These Dry Eye Stories

Darlene Schneck’s left eye negatively affected her life for over 5 years and she remembers thinking that it would never get better. Now, she says her eyes feel great.
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Sarah Davis had found a good management system for her dry eye problem only to have her dry eyes come back with a vengeance. It took some persistence, but she was able to find relief and get back to work.
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Since July 23rd is World Sjogren’s Day, we shared some stories that we have come across on the internet about the dry eye experiences of a couple people with Sjogren’s Syndrome.
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Share Your Story

July is Dry Eye Awareness Month! Tell us your experience with dry eyes!

Did your doctor help you find a good solution or did you seek one out on your own? What treatments did you try that failed? What treatments helped you find relief?

We want to share these stories because we want people to know that dry eyes don’t have to be a part of their life. There are treatments out there and with a good dry eye doctor and some perseverance many people are able to find relief.

Please email us your story! Send emails to CUSTOMERSERVICE1@EYEECO.COM.

Share Your Story