World Sjögren’s Day

If you’ve read our recent blog posts you know that July is Dry Eye Awareness Month, but did you know that today is World Sjögren’s Day?

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119 years ago today, Dr. Henrik Sjögren was born – and in 1933 he identified Sjögren’s Syndrome. The Swedish ophthalmologist’s discovery helped patients find answers to their health questions.

Sjögren’s Syndrome – a chronic autoimmune inflammatory disease in which people’s white blood cells attack their moisture-producing glands.

This month we’re sharing people’s stories about their dry eye journey to find relief. Today we want to share a couple stories we’ve come across online from Sjögren’s Syndrome patients.

Kensi on Amazon titled their review of our Onyix™ Silicone Hydrating Sleep Mask, Finally-no more dry eye!!! Here are some details from their journey:

“I suffer from Sjogren’s and these goggles have been an eye-saver. I sleep with them on and I actually wake-up with noticeable moisture in my eyes-which normally would never happen. My dry eye was so bad before using them, that often, I would have to use eye drops to even open my eyes. Additionally, they are comfortable and the black ones also block out the light. […]

I will be using these goggles every night for the rest of my life!”

Hudson on Amazon, was able to find relief using Eye Eco’s Tranquileyes® Travel and Sleep Kit. Hudson titled their review, Made All the Difference.” Here are some details from their journey:

“I have had Sjogrens for over 40 years now. These are a godsend. My eyes were so painful, I was unable to use Restasis on a regular basis. With Tranquileyes. my eyes are the best they’ve ever been.

You have to really press hard on the foam inserts at first to keep them in place. I use the same insterts every night for a couple of months at a time.”

On this World Sjögren’s Day we encourage you to check out our partners, The Sjögren’s Syndrome Foundation on Facebook.

In these reviews Kensi uses the  Onyix™ Silicone Hydrating Sleep Mask and Hudson uses the Tranquileyes® Travel and Sleep Kit.

Share Your Story

July is Dry Eye Awareness Month! Tell us your experience with dry eyes!

Did your doctor help you find a good solution or did you seek one out on your own? What treatments did you try that failed? What treatments helped you find relief?

We’d like to share more stories like Sarah’s because there are so many people that think their dry eye is a part of life that won’t go away. We want them to feel encouraged and inspired to seek a solution that provides relief and healing.

Please email us your story! Send emails to CUSTOMERSERVICE1@EYEECO.COM.

Share Your Story

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