The Human Side of Dry Eye – Sarah’s Dry Eye Journey

July is Dry Eye Awareness Month. We’re spreading awareness by sharing stories from real people who have been on a dry eye journey to find relief.

Dry eye is a problem that affects over 30 million people in the United States alone. For some it’s an irritation, for others it’s a painful chronic condition that can have a big impact on their daily lives. The good news is that today we know more about dry eye, its causes, and treatment strategies. And, more than ever, eye care professionals are working together to address dry eye symptoms and diseases.

Today we want to share Eye Eco user Sarah Davis’s story:

For me, the dry eye condition began ten years ago. My eyes were in a lot of pain and my vision was deteriorating rapidly. My optometrist spotted the condition – I was classed at Stage 2 environmental keratitis due to incomplete eyelid closure – and we treated it successfully for a couple of years with a lanolin-free eye-gel for sleeping. My pain went away and my vision improved substantially.

Then, three or four years ago, I began to have increasing pain in my eyes. Over time, I found I was using my soft contact lenses as bandages for my corneas, since it was too painful to have my eyes open without some sort of shield or moisture supply. I work in graphics and art and weaving, and for a while there, either I couldn’t see well enough to work, or my corneas were in too much pain. Then, thanks to EyeEco, I began using TranquilEyes for sleeping every night, which helped tremendously. I tried OcuSoft lid scrub, but I reacted to it (as I did & still do to many topicals). Then I was referred to a dry-eye-specialist at Eye Associates of New Mexico, Dr. Kenneth Himmel, who has gotten my corneas back to healthy & happy. We began with a pair of punctal plugs, which helped (but not enough) and over the next few months we arrived at the best solution for me: two cauterized lower puncta and two plugged upper puncta. I have a bit of epiphora, but we decided that it was better to over-correct me than under-correct me. I continue to use TranquilEyes goggles at night for sleeping.

It turned out that during this whole time period, I had been developing Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, which likely was contributing substantially to the dry eye. As I’ve figured out how to manage the MCAS better, primarily through avoidance of dietary triggers, my corneas have gotten healthier.

Thanks to EyeEco and the help of a superb dry-eye specialist, I have my vision back, and my corneas are moist and happy. I’m once again able to do my work; I’ll attach a picture below.

All along this journey, I found it very helpful to read other people’s stories here at EyeEco. I was encouraged to discover that there are so many different causes of Dry Eye, and inspired to read that with some luck and persistence, a good many of us can find relief and healing.

New Mexico

Sarah Davis shared this photo of her impressive weave work.

See more of Sarah’s work on her website,

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July is Dry Eye Awareness Month! Tell us your experience with dry eyes!

Did your doctor help you find a good solution or did you seek one out on your own? What treatments did you try that failed? What treatments helped you find relief?

We’d like to share more stories like Sarah’s because there are so many people that think their dry eye is a part of life that won’t go away. We want them to feel encouraged and inspired to seek a solution that provides relief and healing.

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