The Human Side of Dry Eye

July is Dry Eye Awareness Month. Dry Eye is a chronic and progressive disease that can be caused by any number of things.

Dry Eye used to be thought of as something that just simply happens the older we get; an unfortunate side effect of aging. And, for the longest time drops were thought to be the number one cure all.

Thankfully, in the last 15 years, research and science has blown that theory to bits. Now we know better. Now, we know that there are different types of dry eye and different treatments are needed to help people feel better and see clearly.

For many people, finding an adequate treatment for their dry eyes is a bit of journey.

This is Eye Eco user Darlene Schneck. She tried treatment after treatment with little success. It took her some time and some trial and error to discover the right combination to get relief from her dry eyes. This is Darlene’s dry eye journey:

For five years – 2011 through 2015, my left eye was blurry and dry. It felt gritty all the time, even at night. Both eyes tired easily, and by 9 am I couldn’t read or do computer work. It affected my life so negatively, since I am a photographer and graphic artist. It was discouraging, and I thought it would never get better.

I tried fish oil, heat compresses, a silicone sleep mask, OcuSoft Lid Scrub, and eye drops. Cliradex (for eye mites) was the first item that brought some relief, but it only took me so far. Nothing made the underlying problem completely go away until I started taking Physician Recommended Nutriceuticals Dry Eye Omega Benefits. This exceptionally pure fish oil is what my body needed.

Within weeks my vision started improving, and by a year’s time, it was almost normal again. More than two years later, my eyes feel great. This is a miracle for me. I now see perfectly out of both eyes 100% of the time, and I can drive 8 hours without a problem.

I’m 61 years old and I can work on the computer until 10 pm at night. My ophthalmologist is amazed. Everyone should give this product a try. It isn’t cheap, but the benefits are priceless.

To keep the eye mites at bay, the Advanced Tea Tree Cleanser is the only thing I use to clean my face after work each day. And I still use the Quartz Hydrating Sleep Mask and OcuSoft Lid Scrub for daily eye care and maintenance. All of this together makes my eyes (and me) so happy!!”

We want to share Darlene’s story because it is similar to other stories we’ve heard. Often there is not an easy fix for dry eyes, but if you try different treatments you can experience relief and, like Darlene, be so happy.

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This Dry Eye Awareness Month share about your experience with dry eyes!

Did your doctor help you find a good solution or did you seek one out on your own? What treatments did you try that failed? What treatments helped you find relief?

We’d like to share more stories like Darlene’s because there are so many people that think their dry eye is a part of life that won’t go away. We want them to know that with the right treatment there is relief.

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