We Celebrate You!

It’s time to celebrate! July is Dry Eye Awareness month and Eye Eco is celebrating 15 years of proudly serving the needs of dry eye patients!

We extend a heartfelt thank you to our customers, and to all who have shared your dry eye journey with us over the years. Your support and contribution are at the root of how we have and will continue to develop natural, drug-free home treatments for immediate and long-lasting dry eye relief. This in mind, we want to share a few stories of how much you mean to us!

Back in August of 2003, when we launched our first product, tranquileyes®, there were few relief/treatment options available for dry eye patients. Eye doctors were suggesting home remedies of compresses that included warm wash cloths, rice in a sock, boiled eggs and even potatoes! Over-the-counter treatments were limited to a small line of eye drops and ointments.  Inspired to help Sjögren’s patients, tranquileyes® was the first product ever developed to create a natural, safe and comfortable moist-heat compress for home use and nighttime shelter.

Tranquileyes for Nighttime Dry Eye Relief

We quickly learned from patients, the tranquileyes® were helping to ‘turn the volume down’ on their dry eye discomfort! We were thrilled!!! By simply moistening the foam sponges in warm water and placing them into the back of the goggle, tranquileyes® were providing a therapy more beneficial than a washcloth. Soft and comfortable, they also provided complete darkness and were helping people sleep better!

We continued to work on the design of the tranquileyes®, improving fit while listening closely to our customers. The number one comment/request we started to hear was ‘I love how good the moist-heat feels and wish it would last longer’ … shazam!  We need to find a way to do that!

In 2006, the idea was launched. We found a way to prolong the moist-heat by incorporating reusable gel packs into the tranquileyes® goggle. This new therapy was helping patients feel even better! While there wasn’t any research to explain why the extended moist-heat was providing greater relief, we were delighted our customers were loving it!

Tranquileyes XL in comparison to Regular Tranquileyes

We soon followed with an even bigger version of the goggle, tranquileyes® XL.  Using bigger gel packs, we could now extend our moist-heat therapies up to 20 minutes!  Best part being we discovered this extended compressing was really helping severe dry eye patients feel better.

In 2011, science explained why. Based on extensive industry research, doctors discovered that controlled temperature, humidity and duration matters to dry eye patients when it comes to applying effective compresses. Unknowingly, our tranquileyes® and tranquileyes® XL were effectively melting critical oils needed to slow tear evaporation thereby helping to relieve chronic dry eye symptoms. We are grateful for having listened to our customers early on and for the opportunity to help so many people feel better even before there was science to understand why.  Learn more about the research here!

Another fun example of how you, our customers, contribute to helping others, is our silicone shields. While we were exploring ways of how to sustain extended moist-heat with the tranquileyes®, we received feedback from sleep apnea patients who were trying to use the mask with their CPAP machines. Turned out, the tranquileyes® was a little too high profile for use with these masks. There was very little research available about CPAPs causing dry eye at the time, however we knew our customers needed something so, voilà!  We embarked on finding a solution that led to the launch of our Onyix™ and Quartz™ silicone shields which to this day, along with our eyeseals™ family, help thousands of CPAP users gain an improved quality of sleep and eye health!

Onyix™ Silicone Hydrating Sleep Mask

Every product in the Eye Eco line was developed with our customers in mind. We have come such a long way and are incredibly grateful for all who have shared your dry eye journey. We at Eye Eco are committed to continuing this path of improving and creating products and therapies that above everything, serve your needs for immediate and long-term relief!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!  We will always be here for you! Please keep sharing with us!