Customers Are Loving Eye Eco’s Wellness Call

Eye Eco’s new courtesy Wellness Call is a big hit among customers. The program was rolled out earlier this month. It entails following through with every customer within a couple days of receiving their Eye Eco product to answer questions, provide tips and information, and to gain feedback.

“We want people to know that if they do have questions now, or if they think of something later on down the road, they can contact us or me personally, and we will get them taken care of.” said Laura Sammons of Eye Eco.

Eye Eco has over a dozen products to treat dry eyes and eye irritation, so there is a product for everyone. Some of the products can be used in different ways depending on the condition of the eyes and the desired treatment. Often customers have questions. The program aligns with Eye Eco’s main goal: to bring long lasting relief to dry, irritated eyes through natural, effective products that improve the quality of our customers’ lives, every single day.

Currently, Eye Eco provides a Wellness Call for every U.S. based customer that places an order online through and for patients who are prescribed our products by their doctor. Typically, an Eye Eco expert will contact the customer within 24-48 hours of their package’s delivery or the next business day. Customers can select whether they prefer to be contacted by email or a direct call.

Eye Eco has already received great feedback on the new service:

“Thank you for your attentive follow-up. I am impressed with your thoughtfulness.”
– N. D.

“Thank you for your prompt attention and the replacement offer. I have been very impressed with your company thus far, and will share this with my ophthalmologist and his assistant who first stirred me to your products.”
– N. L.

Frank Tantsits appreciated our follow-up and said our Eyeseals 4.0 are “life-changing.”

“Thanks for your kindness and professionalism.”
– Jennifer M.

Customers outside the US are encouraged to reach out to Eye Eco with any questions they have about their Eye Eco product by phone (888) 730-7999, email at, or even the Eye Eco Facebook Page.

The tranquileyes® Advanced Kit is a good example of a product that customers may have questions about. The kit comes with Eye Eco’s famous tranquileyes® goggles and two treatment options: Beads and Instants. Each option can be used to provide moist-heat therapy treatments to help relieve dry eyes or cold therapy to relieve irritation and swelling. Knowing which option to use and how to use it depending on the customer’s preference and situation can be helpful in providing relief.

Get your tranquileyes® kit today. Our Wellness Call will help to ensure you experience relief and get you seeing comfortably.

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