July is Dry Eye Awareness Month

July is Dry Eye Awareness Month and this July the topic will be featured at a Congressional Briefing. The disease affects an estimated 30 million Americans. Congressional education about dry eye has become a priority because it’s among the top reasons patients visit eye care providers, it impacts healthcare policy, and federal research funding is used to study and develop treatments for dry eye.

Dry Eye Disease

Dry Eye occurs when eyes do not produce tears properly or when tears have poor composition.

For some people dry eye just feels uncomfortable, for others it can be a painful chronic condition that may lead to blurred vision and even vision loss. More severe cases of dry eye are associated with significant pain, role limitations, low vitality, poor general health, and often depression.

Dry eye disease doesn’t have one cause or one simple solution. The eye is complex and has several components working together to keep eyes lubricated and comfortable. If one of those components isn’t performing dry eyes can be the result.

Research on Dry Eye

Because there are so many factors that may cause dry eye it has been difficult to determine a clear definition for dry eye disease that all experts agree on. There has been an effort, worldwide, to better define, diagnose and treat dry eye disease. The topic has been tackled in 2007 by the International Dry Eye Workshop, in 2011 by TFOS International Workshop on Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, in 2012 by ODISSEY European Consensus Group, in 2012 by The Asia Dry Eye Society, and many more.

Since 2007 the vision community has had an overwhelming increase in studies on dry eye, including more than 200 clinical trials for treatment since 2010. We now know more than ever about keeping eyes healthy.

The Congressional Briefing, titled Dry Eye: An Updated Definition, A Greater Impact on Vision Health, will take place July 12 in conjunction with a “Test Your Tears” Dry Eye Screening and Dry Eye Researcher Poster Presentation. The content for the briefing is from the Tear Film & Ocular Surface Society’s (TFOS) Dry Eye Workshop II (TFOS DEWS II™) Report.

Eye Eco is looking forward to the report and the congressional briefing. Eye Eco relies on studies and scientifically-proven therapies to develop and improve products for dry eye relief and general eye comfort. The TFOS DEWS II™ report will share contributions from across the vision community on the definition and diagnosis of dry eye, impact of the disease, management and therapy options, recommendations for clinical trials and more.

Eye Eco

We know so much more than we did 10 years ago. This important report will help shape treatments and precautions that may impact 30 million Americans and millions of others around the world. Eye Eco is dedicated to providing natural treatments that provide relief from dry eye.

Since 2003, Eye Eco has developed treatment options that address different causes of dry eye and allow users to get relief on their schedule.

Quick Immediate Relief with Moist-Heat Therapy

Moist-heat therapy has been proven effective at quickly relieving dry eye. But, the key is continued controlled temperature (between 102 and 108 degrees fahrenheit) and humidity. For many a simple 5 minute treatment may be enough to relieve dry eyes, for moderate to severe cases longer treatments may be necessary. Eye Eco has developed moist-heat therapy treatments perfect for mild dry eye, moderate dry eye, and severe dry eye: find out more about Eye Eco’s moist-heat therapy systems, Click Here.

Overnight Treatments to Relieve and Help Prevent Dry Eye

Sleep masks have long been prescribed to help prevent dry eyes. Eye Eco has developed different overnight treatment options to address many dry eye scenarios. Eye Eco’s nighttime options can be used to help manage severe dry eye, nocturnal lagophthalmos, a dry environment (like inside a flying airplane), and can be worn in tandem with a CPAP machine to protect eyes from air leaks. Learn more about Eye Eco’s nighttime dry eye treatments.

All Day Management to Keep Living Life

People shouldn’t have to decide whether or not to do something because of eye comfort and eye health. Eye Eco developed Moisture Release Eyewear™ to provide relief while eyes are in use. Get eyeglasses and sunglasses to be covered anytime, indoors or out. Small and large frame sizes accommodate different face sizes. Take a look at Eye Eco’s Moisture Release Eyewear.

Complementary Eyelid and Facial Therapies

Certain dry eye causing conditions require treatment around the eyes, and dry eyes can be caused or made worse by the products used on the eye area. Eye Eco has formulated facial products specifically for use on the delicate skin surrounding the eyes: they are ultra hydrating, non-irritating and offer all the benefits of similar facial products. Eye Eco’s Tea Tree Eyelid & Facial Cleanser, for example, can be used to eradicate demodex to resolve dry eye and comes in formulas for gentle, advanced and anti-aging. Find out more about Eye Eco’s Eyelid and Facial Therapies, Click Here.

Dry Eyes

Dry eye can be caused by screen time, a dry environment, medication and treatments, air travel, meibomian gland dysfunction, autoimmune disease and more. The way we live today managing dry eye is more important than ever. As new research is published Eye Eco remains dedicated to providing the most effective products and treatments for eye comfort and eye health. Learn more about Eye Eco, Click Here.