Simple Lifestyle Changes That are Good for Dry Eyes

Dry eyes affect most of us at some point or another. Depending on the severity of the condition there are a lot of things that can be done to help prevent and relieve dry eyes. Here are some simple lifestyle changes that may help keep your eyes comfortable and happy.

Drink More Water

It’s no secret that eyes require plenty of moisture. One of the first symptoms of dehydration is dry eyes. If your eyes begin to feel dry try drinking a glass of water. Besides the eyes, dehydration impacts the entire body and can cause headaches, dizziness, muscle cramps, dry skin, fatigue, dry eyes and more.  Drinking more water may not only help keep your eyes comfortable, it may also get the rest of your body feeling great too.

Moist-Heat Therapy

Studies have shown that moist-heat therapy can relieve dry eyes. For many a simple 5 minute treatment at the right temperature and humidity level is all it takes to relieve dry eyes. For others treatments may need to be 10 or 20 minutes. Either way, the key is controlled, optimum humidity and temperature.

tranquileyes dry eyes blueSome people try to use wet heated wash cloths for moist-heat therapy, but they don’t get results. Research has shown the wash cloth method to be ineffective because it often is not at the specific temperature and it does not hold the temperature long enough. That’s why we developed tranquileyes® which provide moist-heat therapy treatments for up to 20 minutes at the right temperature (between 102 and 108 degrees Fahrenheit) and humidity. Click here for more about tranquileyes®.

When your eyes begin to feel dry take a short break and apply some moist-heat therapy. It may have your eyes feeling great for the rest of the day.

Why does moist-heat therapy work? Find out more, read our post The Natural Practical Solution for Dry Eyes

Screen Time

These days many of us are looking at screens nearly constantly. Staring at screens can put strain the eyes. Here are some simple changes you can make to help your eyes feel more comfortable:

  • screen-timeTake breaks from screens, even just 20 seconds looking away from any screen can help. Look at something more than 20 feet away to give your eyes a break from focusing on things that are near.
  • Move your screen back. Focusing on a bright screen close to the face causes more strain for the eyes. Get some distance between your eyes and the screen, a minimum of 16 inches is recommended. We suggest trying a few different distances to see what you and your eyes are comfortable with.
  • Adjust your screen settings. This is an easy adjustment that could make a difference. Adjust screen brightness to as low a level as you can while still being able to see clearly. Adjust colors to be more warm rather than the cool blues that can make your body feel more awake. You may even want to consider inverting the colors on your screen so that most text is white on a black background.

Swap Products

New Tea Tree LabelsConsidering changing your makeup and skincare routine. Makeup, makeup removers, harsh soaps and products packed with fragrance can be tough on the eyes. Plus, some ingredients that are good for the skin are not so great for the eyes. Here are some simple changes you can make to help keep eyes comfortable:

  • Avoid applying any make-up inside the lash line
  • Stay away from waterproof makeup
  • Use cream shadows and liquid foundations rather than dry products
  • Use a gentle hydrating cleanser developed for cleaning eyelids and lashes
    (like Eye Eco’s Tea Tree Eyelid & Facial Cleansers)

Wear Glasses

eyewear_lg_4560 no earringContact lens wearers are much more likely to experience dry eyes. Even if you don’t wear contacts, dust, wind, sunshine, and a dry environment can all lead to eye dryness. Consider wearing glasses to help prevent these things from entering your eyes.

For extra points try Eye Eco’s Moisture Release Eyewear™. These glasses do more to block irritants from reaching the eye by creating a seal around the eyes. And, they also release moisture to keep your eyes in a humid environment. Find out more, click here.

Turn On a Humidifier

Avoiding a dry environment can do a lot to prevent dryness. If you live in a dry climate or are in a forced air environment it might affect your eyes. Try using a humidifier in the home or perhaps in the office to help keep your eyes more comfortable.

Get Your Vitamins

The best way to get vitamins is through a healthy balanced diet. For some people vitamin supplements can help, but it’s important to speak with a doctor before beginning a vitamin regimen. Research is ongoing as to whether vitamins can make a difference for dry eyes. While nothing is proven yet, there are a few front runners that may make a difference for dry eyes:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D
  • Omega-3


While these are all simple lifestyle changes that you may be able to make to help relieve your dry eyes we always recommend talking to your eye doctor about any discomfort you experience with your eyes. Dry eyes can be something minor, but they may also be a sign of something more serious.