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Eyeeco2062-DERM with Liners Couch jpegWhen was the last time you saw your eye doctor? For most, it’s probably been a while.

When is the last time your eyes felt strained? Felt dry? Felt uncomfortable? For many, yesterday or maybe today. Maybe even right now.

Considering that you probably haven’t been to the eye doctor in a while and that your eyes have felt some discomfort within the last few days, we encourage you to schedule an appointment.

Regular visits to an optometrist or ophthalmologist are the best thing anyone can do to keep their eyes healthy and comfortable. When you see your eye doctor be sure to mention any straining, dryness, or other discomfort that you’ve experienced. They may have a quick easy remedy for you that helps your eyes stay healthy and you stay comfortable. Perhaps a remedy like the D.E.R.M.™

Dry Eye Relief Mask

derm websiteD.E.R.M. stands for Dry Eye Relief Mask. We developed the D.E.R.M.™ to provide treatments for mild dry eye. Industry studies
have shown approximately 50% of dry eye patients have a mild condition and a simple five minute moist-heat compress can bring immediate relief.

After 20 seconds in the microwave the hypoallergenic mask is ready to provide soothing moist-heat therapy for 4-6 minutes. Treatment can be extended to 7-9 minutes with the complimentary samples of liners we provide with the D.E.R.M.™ which can be moistened and applied to the mask prior to heating. Your eye doctor will direct you on how to use the mask for the best results.

Allergy, Sinus Pressure, and Migraine Relief

The D.E.R.M.™ was developed for dry eye relief, but the same things that make it great for moist-heat compress treatments (the fit around the eyes, sustained temperature, and humidity) also make the mask effective for relief from the effects of allergies on eyes, sinus pressure and migraines. Place the mask in the freezer to create cold therapies that help reduce irritation and puffiness.

Eye Doctors

The D.E.R.M.™ is only available from an Eye Care Professional. We do this because we believe it is very important that your doctor diagnose what type of dry eye you have. This will ensure you receive the highest and best level of eyecare for your specific condition.

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