The Top 4 Ways to Reduce the Impact of Ocular Allergies

allergies-croppedSpring is in full swing! And so are allergies. If you are personally acquainted with ocular allergies then you have probably already been experiencing the effects. If not, well, they might be coming soon.

Ocular allergies are very common. You have ocular allergies if your eye area becomes red, itchy and puffy when pollen, dust or animal dander reaches the surface of the eye.

The good news is there are things you can do to reduce the impact ocular allergies have on you.

Here are our Top 4 Ways to Reduce the Impact of Ocular Allergies

Hands Off

eyes-2176045_1920Your eyelashes are already working to fend off those pesky microscopic floaters and keep them from entering your eye. Eyelashes do more than make your eyes pop, their important function keeps your eyes debris free. However, some particles will eventually get past the lashes and into the eyes. For many, this is when things go wrong: they rub their eyes.

Rubbing the eyes can actually make things worse. When rubbed all those particles blocked by your eyelashes can reach the ocular surface and worsen the itching and puffing. So, if you have ocular allergies DO NOT rub your eyes.

Clean Eyes

When you consider the function of eyelashes — to protect your eyes from particles — it’s clear that keeping them clean is important for reducing the effects of ocular allergies. Most don’t think about cleaning their lashes, but removing all trace particles is important.

TeaTreesEye Eco Tea Tree Eyelid and Facial Cleansers are specifically developed for lashes and the delicate eyelid skin. They remove makeup and dirt as well as pollen, dust and dander. Developed with Tea Tree Oil — which is antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and more — they also treat Demodex caused skin problems like rosacea and blepharitis. Plus, they are hydrating and non-irritating to help soothe the skin. Order Here

After leaving the allergy inducing environment more cleaning can help. Take a shower, wash your hair, wash your clothes: get rid of all the debris.

Here are some tips if your home is the allergy inducing environment. Keep your windows closed, use an air purifier and a cool air humidifier. Try to keep your home cool and pollen-free.

Defend Your Eyes

Stop ocular allergies before they start. Your eyelashes do a pretty good job deflecting and capturing problem specs, but reinforcements help. Give your eyes added protection. Glasses or sunglasses can add another barrier close to your eyes to help block particles from reaching the eye in the first place.

small and large moisture release eyewearEye Eco Moisture Release Eyewear is comprised of glasses and sunglasses that create a seal around the eyes, protecting eyes from allergens no matter where you are. The eyewear also releases moisture into the eye area, which can help eyes recover from over tearing and dryness. Order Here

Cold Compress

tranquileyes xl kit basic with beadsOcular allergies take a toll on the eyes and the delicate skin around the eyes. Reduce the inflammation and soothe burning eyes and irritated skin with a cold compress. Cold therapy helps tighten blood vessels to prevent and bring down swelling, providing relief and quick recovery.

Eye Eco tranquileyes® xl with Beads provide awesome cold therapy that treats the entire eye area. The treatment comes with large goggles that hold reusable bead packs over the eyes. The bead packs can be frozen for cool effective treatments. Pop them on to see immediate relief. Order Here


A good cry can empty your eyes of irritants. Preservative-free eye drops may also help eliminate those pollutants. Antihistamines can help, but may actually contribute to eye dryness and irritation. Talk to your eye doctor to get more tips for reducing ocular allergy symptoms.

For many spring is the best time of year. The weather is nice, nature displays its beauty, and friends are out and about creating great memories. Don’t miss out this year, find a treatment that works for you and enjoy everything spring has to offer!

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