All Eyes on Brackets

eyesbracketologyThe NCAA Tournament is in full swing. Is your bracket busted? Some of the top teams have been toppled and it seems like anything can happen. The drama of the tournament has taken a toll on many college basketball fans. And, probably on their eyes as well.

Roughly 70 million brackets are filled out each year according to the American Gambling Association. Largely done on computer screens and smartphones. Add in all the futile research that fans put into achieving a perfect bracket and we are talking about a lot of screen time.

Abundant screen time can lead to dry eyes. Why? Studies show that people just blink less when looking at screens.

When eyes blink the functions that keep eyes moist go to work. Each time we blink healthy Meibomian Glands release an oily substance on the eye surface that prevents evaporation. It’s incredibly important for eye health and comfort. (Read our post The Incredible Reason Why Your Eyes Feel Dry to learn more.)

It’s not just the March Madness screen time that can lead to eye discomfort. March Weather Madness is in full effect as well: record highs, record lows and some record snowstorms. Cold weather, especially, can lead to dry eyes. The combination of dry air, dehydration and indoor heating all contribute to eye dryness. (Read our post The Top 5 Reasons Eyes Feel Dry in Winter. )

If you head out in cold weather to watch a game with friends take stock of your eyes. Going from indoor heating to cold outdoor weather can lead to teary eye. When eyes feel more watery it’s often because they are trying to produce extra tears to combat eye dryness. The problem is the composition of these tears is lacking and unable to maintain eye lubrication and comfort.

Give your eyes a break. Consider giving them some love and care and maybe you will be able to watch the Championship Final irritation free.

Eye Eco’s tranquileyes® provide moist heat therapy to help free up important glands around the eyes so they can do their job the way they were made to. Simply the best natural treatment for dry eyes available. Eye eco is dedicated to providing dry eye relief for everyone so tranquileyes® provide different options to accommodate more users.

Get Tranquileyes®

Tranquileyes come in two sizes and have two moist-heat treatment options.

Sizes: XL and Regular

Tip: XL goggles provide longer moist-heat treatments for those with severe or chronic dry eye, Regular goggles are great to sleep in for overnight eye moisture retention.

Treatment Options: Beads and Instants

Tip: Beads require less maintenance, but Instants can be reused more times.

Beads require hot water or a microwave to be activated. They can be reused for over 60 moist-heat treatments.

Instants need to be reset between uses by being placed in boiling water for a few minutes. They can easily be activated anywhere and may be reused for over 100 moist-heat treatments.

Tip: Get the Advanced Kit that comes with both Beads and Instants to accommodate your eyes at any time.

Pick a Color

After determining the size and treatment option pick your favorite color and look forward to seeing relief!

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