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Eye Eco recently shared a love letter from the body to the eyes because our eyes are truly amazing and they allow us to experience life to the fullest.

Loving your eyes is easy when they feel great. But when they are causing frequent pain or constant discomfort it can be hard to appreciate the gifts they give us.

Eye Eco is dedicated to providing natural relief for dry eyes and eye irritation. Each product has been developed, tested, and refined with that purpose in mind. Eye Eco products have helped countless people live and see more comfortably.

Eye Eco’s tranquileyes® and tranquileyes® xl goggles for moist-heat/cold therapy help sooth and restore dry, red, tired eyes and are recommended by doctors around the world. They can be used to treat dry eyes, blepharitis, lagophthalmos, recurrent corneal erosions, styes, ocular allergies and more.

Thousands of people have discovered how beneficial tranquileyes® can be in their lives. Below are some favorite reviews on tranquileyes® from across the web. (Some have been edited for spelling and grammar.)

Life Saver

Improves my quality of life
By Cathy B. on Amazon
This is the second time I have ordered this item. My doctor told me to use it. It keeps the air from drying my eyes at night saving me pain as well as my eyes from damage that could have cost me my sight. It is comfortable to wear and helps me to sleep better.


Escape to paradise
By Geneva on Amazon
Soothe your eyes and escape to a tropical island at the same time. These hydrating goggles are wonderful and make your eyes feel refreshed, lubricated and wonderful. They calm down the allergy irritation, and redness, in my eyes like none other.

Love them.

Can’t Live Without Them

Love these could not sleep without
By Sheryl DeJonge on Amazon
Love these could not sleep without.

Read the Review
By Alex Mook Colon on Facebook
I swear by the thermo beads. They are amazing for dry eye. I’ve had dry eye for over a year now and it’s severe. I can’t live without my goggles, best invention ever. Their customer service is great as well. I received a defective one and they replaced it with no problem. It’s hard to come by that type of customer service and I am so grateful! Great job Eye Eco!


A must for people who have dry eyes!
By Texas on Amazon
A must for people who have dry eyes! This has helped tremendously for me, I put them on at bedtime, it helps my dry eye condition even through my day at work. This product will not disappoint!

Extremely helpful in solving chronic dry eye condition.
By MW San Francisco on Amazon
For 3-5 years I’ve suffered from chronic dry eye with it getting worse each year. Finally, my opthamologist instructed me to use moistening drops each waking hour (which I do) to help preserve my eye health. This eye mask which I use every night has helped lessen the scratchy feeling that I usually have. The gel pads are extremely soothing and I try to use those each day as time permits. Good product.

Great, Amazing, Excellent!

Like a new set o’ eyes!
By Amazon Customer on Amazon
Really great product! Have a problem with dry eyes. 13 seconds in the microwave and put this puppy on my eyes for 20 minutes. The difference is amazing. Like brand new eyeballs! And low maintenance: Just a quick scrub and you’re good to go.
Excellent product for dry eye
By Nicsunflower on Amazon
I’m so glad they came out with this product. I’ve had dry eye for years, and I was told to put a warm washcloth on my face daily to help unblock the glands in my lids. But, the warmth didn’t last, and water would run down my face, and the part of the cloth that was in contact with my nose and cheeks would flair up my rosacea. Plus, sometimes it would be too hot and burn my eyelids and face. The tranquileyes works really well. The eye gels are not just to be heated up and put on your eyes – they have the metal tabs that you click and it gets them to a moderately warm temperature (not too hot). Plus, the heat lasts for 10+ minutes because you cover the eyes with the goggles. They have a loose strap that is adjustable. I think it’s a great product and recommend it for people with dry eye.
Excellent dry eye relief kit
By Roselyn grodzicki on Amazon
This product relieved my eye issue 100%. Also the goggles are of excellent quality. Positively the best goggle for keeping light out as I work nights and sleep during the day.

Does the job well
From Dixie Swanson of Houston, Texas on DryEyeShop.com

I have very dry eyes and use PROSE devices during the day. I have Sjögren’s and these goggles are very comfortable for sleeping, You can soak the inner sponges in saline to make sure your eyes are in a high moisture environment.

They are also useful anywhere you want a blackout effect, such as in an airplane or a hotel room.

Give Your Eyes Some Love

Tranquileyes® has helped provide relief for so many. We really do care about eye health and eye comfort. If you experience dry eyes, why not give your eyes some love. Tranquileyes® patented moist-heat therapy is recommended by doctors around the world and includes a satisfaction guarantee. Get tranquileyes® and see relief.

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Woman relaxes with tranquileyes® xl.
Woman relaxes with tranquileyes® xl.