Found Love Letter


Dear E,

You are very beautiful, among the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen. Your appearance is so bewitching, I often catch myself staring. Your appearance alone is enough to make many fall in love with you. But you are so much more than just a dazzling sight.

You seem to do it all and you never take a break. You work hard absolutely all day, and you do it so gracefully you are rarely noticed. And yet, you are always there, responding to my every need and helping me find my answers. I’m so incredibly lucky to have you right there with me through it all.

There is not a single memory I have that has not been enriched by your presence. Experiencing the world through you is wonderful.

I don’t think I can ever thank you for all you have done for me.

And, as we go through this crazy life and make new memories I hope you will always be there, healthy and shining bright. There with me to spend time with family and see smiling friends, to take in awesome sunsets and breathtaking sights, to gaze on delicious food and witness everyone around us live their interesting lives.

I’ve noticed lately that you seem a little tired; that you’re straining, just a bit. And, lord knows, it’s not your fault. If anything the blame is on me. I’m so accustomed to all that you do for me but I rarely give a second thought to you or how you’re feeling.

I promise to take better care of you. Eye love you!

Your B

Love for All of Us

If only we were all so lucky to have such a helpful, faithful, beautiful partner in our lives…

Oh wait, we do! This is a love letter from the body to the eyes. And why not? Our precious peepers allow us to experience life to the fullest.

Eyes are truly amazing: muscles and nerves, discs and fluids, ducts and glands, the pupil and lens, the iris and retina, all coming together to give us sight and, really, Amazing is the word for it.

Love Your Eyes

I love my eyes because they allow me to do great work.
I love my eyes because when I witness some of the beauty in this world I feel inspired.
I love my eyes because when I look into my husband’s eyes I see someone who is proud to be there with me.
I love my eyes because when I see my friends laugh I can’t help but smile.
I love my eyes because some of the sights I see leave me full of gratitude for my life.

Why do you love your eyes?

Give Your Eyes Some Love

Think of all the things our eyes do for us – all day every day – and what do we do for them?

They deserve some tender love and care. If your eyes ever feel dry, or if they feel tired or strained treat them to a little rest and some moist-heat therapy.

Moist-heat therapy, when done for the right amount of time at the right temperature, can help stabilize the tear film and unclog the meibomian glands. Both of which help keep eyes healthy, hydrated and functioning optimally.

We’ve seen people try heated wet wash cloths for moist-heat therapy, but we know it doesn’t work, research has proven the method ineffective. The key is continued, controlled, optimum humidity and temperature. This is what tranquileyes® were created to do.

Optimum humidity, optimum temperature & optimum amount of time for relief from dry tired eyes. Doctor recommended and satisfaction guaranteed, get tranquileyes®:

Optimum Moist-Heat Therapy with tranquileyes®

There are 3 things you need to know to get the right tranquileyes® Kit:

  1. Choose Regular or XL Goggles – We recommend XL for anyone with chronic dry eyes
  2. Choose Beads or Instants – Activate Beads with a microwave or activate Instants anywhere and reset them between uses.
    We recommend the Advanced Kit, it has both treatment options
  3. Pick a Color – We have 9 color options available

Eyeeco2180-tranquileyes XL home treatment bed

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Tranquileyes® use water and heat to release critical oils from the meibomian glands, improving the quality of your natural tears, as well as slowing evaporation. They increase humidity, stabilizing the tear film and hydrating sensitive eyelid skin. The result? A solution to your chronic dry eye.