Top 5 Reasons Eyes Feel Dry in Winter

cold eyesWinter is in full swing and with the scarves, coats, hot soups and crackling fireplaces comes dry eyes. Most people feel the effects of dryness in the winter. Here are the top reasons eyes feel dry in the winter.

Dry Air
Winter typically means that the air is more dry. Why? Because cold air can’t hold as much moisture as warmer air. The dry air can cause dry skin, chapped lips, even nose bleeds, and (of course) dry eyes.

Indoor Heating
Since it’s cold outside the heat is on inside. The air in winter is already more dry, but going through indoor heating intensifies the effect. Indoors or out, it’s dry.

Sun and Fallen Snow
Eyes are bombarded from the bright sunshine above and the reflective snow below. That means UV Rays are coming from all directions. When eyes are sunburned it’s called Photokeratitis. There’s even a special term for when this happens with fallen snow: Snow Blindness. (Are you worried about snow blindness? We recommend Moisture Release Eyeware to protect your eyes from the dry air, UV Rays, and wind.)

Shorter Days
It gets darker earlier in the Winter so often eyes need to work harder. Human eyes are amazing; they adjust so much so quickly that we don’t even realize it. Many don’t realize how bright sunshine actually is, indoor lighting just doesn’t compare. Our eyes need to work harder to see in lower lit situations and in the winter our eyes need to do it more often.

When it’s hot outside we drink more liquids to help cool down, but in the winter we don’t have that built in reminder. Plus, cold weather reduces the body’s ability to stimulate thirst. The human body just doesn’t feel thirsty in cold weather. One of the first signs of dehydration is dry eyes, because eyes require plenty of moisture.

Most of us take our eyes for granted. We use them constantly, but don’t do much to care for them. In the winter more of us experience the negative impact of not giving our eyes more love. Give your amazing eyes some love.

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