Encourage Spa-Level Pampering, Relaxation and Good Eye Care

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Still not sure what to get them for the holidays? We’ve created products that can help anyone whether they suffer from chronic dry eye or not. Our products also provide preemptive care and promote relaxation and pampering. Eye Eco is dedicated to taking care of eyes.

Gift: Next-Level Spa Treatments for Their Eyes

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Start with a tranquileyes® kit and add-on a facial mist to cater your gift specifically to them.

The tranquileyes® were developed to provide controlled moist-heat therapy treatments at both the optimum humidity and optimum temperature to help unclog the meibomian glands and stabilize tear film. Basically, science allowed us to develop a product that optimizes the natural functions that keep our eyes moist and comfortable. These days, everyone’s eyes need a little help: they just weren’t built for indoor heating and air conditioning, staring at screens and text all day, or eye surgery.

How To Pick the Right Tranquileyes® Kit

Pick a Size: Regular or XL
Note: we recommend XL for anyone with chronic dry eyes. XL can provide longer treatments and more coverage.


Pick a Treatment Option: Beads and/or Instants
Notes: We recommend our Advanced kit that includes both Beads and Instants.
Beads require a microwave to activate, they work well for treatments at home.
Instants can be activated anywhere but need to be reset between uses, they work well for someone on the go.

Pick a Color
We have 9 color options to suit anyone’s taste: Bronze, Platinum, Black, Sage, Blue, Soft Pink, Pearl, Lavender and Hot Pink.


Add-On a Facial Mist to Complete Your Gift

Tranquileyes® kits alone make a great gift – but if you want to go above and beyond – the addition of one of our specially formulated facial mists can help show your thoughtfulness in gift selection.

Our Facial Mists can be used separately as a hydrating spray, but we created them as enhancements to our already incredibly effective tranquileyes® kits.

There are four different options. Each one serves a different purpose:
Soothing Eye Mist – to sooth dry eyes
Relax Formula – to promote deep relaxation
Age Defense Formula – to rejuvenate the skin and help reduce signs of aging
Puffy Eye Formula – to rejuvenate the skin and help with puffiness


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We want to make sure you have great gifts for everyone. Use promo code ‘JOY’ at checkout to receive 15% off your order through December 19, 2016.

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