Tea Tree Oil’s Amazing Benefits


Tea Tree oil has been used for thousands of years displaying an impressive range of applications. Long ago tea tree leaves were crushed and inhaled to treat coughs and colds or sprinkled on wounds to help healing. Those using the leaves didn’t know why they worked, they just knew that they did.

Now we know why this powerhouse plant is so effective. Tea tree oil has antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antiprotozoal and antiacaricidal activity as well as anti-inflammatory properties.

Used for a host of applications – tea tree oil, diluted to proper levels, is the perfect natural solution for a highly effective eyelid and face cleanser.

Taking care of eyes means taking care of eyelids. Eye Eco’s Tea Tree Eyelid & Facial Cleansers have been formulated with 1% and 2% solutions of tea tree oil to help cleanse delicate skin and prevent skin problems and irritation and without the use of parabens. Eyelids have the thinnest skin on the human body. To provide the best treatment we developed our formula specifically for eyelids.

It just so happens that the things that make the cleanser perfect for eyelids also make the product tremendous for the rest of the face.

Along with amazing tea tree oil our formulas include chamomile and shea butter to deeply hydrate the skin.

Eye Eco’s Eyelid and Facial Cleansers gently remove dirt and make-up without drying the skin and are perfect for daily use. They are all cost-effective and are the only ones in the market indicated for lids and face.

Try our Gentle Formula (1% tea tree oil) for fresh hydrated skin, try our Anti-Aging Formula (1% tea tree oil) for beautiful youthful looking skin, or try our Advanced Formula (2% tea tree oil) great for anyone affected by demodex, find out more about Tea Tree Oil and Demodex by clicking here, or who needs more tea tree oil power.

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Which Tea Tree Eyelid and Facial Cleanser is right for you?


Gentle Formula

Eye Eco Tea Tree Eyelid and Facial Cleanser Gentle Formula combines the power of tea tree oil with chamomile and shea butter to clean and hydrate the skin. $13

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Eye Eco Tea Tree Eyelid and Facial Cleanser Anti-Aging Formula combines the power of tea tree oil with chamomile, shea butter and clinically-proven Regu-Age® to clean and strengthen skin. $25

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Eye Eco Tea Tree Eyelid and Facial Cleanser Advanced Formula contains a stronger concentration of tea tree oil in combination with hydrating chamomile and shea butter. $18

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