Tranquileyes patented moist-heat therapy soothes and restores dry, red, tired eyes. The soft flexible goggles are combined with water and reusable gel packs to naturally slow tear evaporation, hydrate sensitive eyelid and surrounding skin. Recommended by Doctor’s around the world. Made in USA.

Dry Eye Relief Kits

Original tranquileyes™

Relieve dry, irritated eyes with our tranquileyes™ chronic dry eye kits.

tranquileyes™ XL

These goggles are exactly like the original tranquileyes™. Only bigger.

Stye Kit

Say good-bye to stye symptoms with this revolutionary hands-free kit.
Stye Care Kit (L)

Eye Health and Wellness Kits

Original tranquileyes™ Water Therapy Kits with Beads

Restore your eyes youthful appearance with our tranquileyes water therapy kits.

tranquileyes™ XL Water Therapy Kits with Beads

The XL goggles in these kits are 30% larger than the original tranquileyes™ allowing for extended treatment duration and coverage (lids and sensitive surrounding skin).

Travel and Sleep Kits (no gel packs)

Tranquileyes™ - Travel and Sleep

These two kits are designed for people who want to enjoy the tranquileyes goggle for shelter at night. They do not include the thermoeyes gel packs for creating moist-heat and cold therapies.