What Patients Say

Susan, FL

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to praise your company for the invention and promotion of your Chronic Dry Eye Kit for Sjogren’s syndrome patients. I purchased my first kit last year after reading about your product in the “Moisture Seekers” magazine. Immediate relief was my reward the first night using the eye mask.

Later in the year I purchased a second kit, this one for travel, and then a third to give to my sister suffering from chronic dry eyes. We both are now proponents of your products.

The story gets even better. This past Wednesday, I met with a Sjogren’s research ophthalmologist at the National Institute for Health in Bethesda, MD as part of a study program I’ve been accepted into. With all the eye inflammations I’ve had over the years, due to Sjogren’s syndrome, and the results of the testing done this past week it was expected that my cornea would be severely impacted. When all the tests were done and the final look at my eyes complete the doctor asked “what are you doing to care for your eyes? I can’t get over how healthy your cornea is.” I then went on to report my daily use of eye drops and the eye mask from your company to protect my eyes while sleeping.

Hurray for the Chronic Dry Eye Kit. Using your product has helped protect my eyes from the normal progression of damage due to Sjogren’s. You have a lifelong customer. Keep up the good work.

Warmest Regards,

Julie, CA

Dear Eye Eco,

Thank you for creating such a wonderful product. I first tried tranquileyes™ at a gift shop in the LAX airport. My eyes had been an irritated mess for days from an allergy and infection and I was panicking over what to do with my business meetings, knowing my eyes were not looking healthy and would be a distraction – sunglasses had been my only option. I tried tranquileyes™ on the flight and by the time I landed in New York my eyes not only felt better but surprisingly looked monumentally better.

I am such an advocate of your product now. When admitted to the hospital for an emergency appendectomy a few months ago the one thing I repeatedly asked for from home was tranquileyes™, this being above my own pillow and toothbrush. Your product has provided me therapeutic relief when I needed it most.

Tranquileyes™ has also eased my eyes from days out surfing in the salt water and sun, providing immediate relief for me to tackle the rest of my busy day.

Thanks again.

Denise, AK

To Everyone at Eye Eco! For four years I have suffered from Recurrent Eye Erosions. They are painful and take days out of my busy life to recover from. Most of them were beginning in the early hours of the morning. I tried everything offered by my doctors. Then about a year and a half ago we moved to another state, necessitating a change of doctors. I’m thankful to God for this, as the local optometrist was doing internet research on my condition for a family here in our small community who suffered from a similar condition. One day, after a repeat visit to his office, he showed me your advertisement and suggested I try your goggles. That was in August. I have used them faithfully since and have not had an incident since then! That is a record for me, as I was in the doctor’s office for management of this almost every month! I did find them a little awkward at first, and would wake to find them on top of my head or on the floor, but after a short adjustment period (two weeks) I find them completely comfortable. I no longer dread opening my eyes in the morning! I tell everyone I can about them.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! And thank you to Cloe for all the phone help!


Elizabeth, AR

Thanks for your help this evening. I am looking forward to my new tranquileyes™.

Tranquileyes™ proved to be central to my eyes healing and maintaining a healthy corneal surface after I suffered Recurrent Corneal Erosions (RCE’s) for over seven months. In 2007, I experienced some irritation, occasional pain, tearing and redness in my eyes. At times, my vision was blurred. After going from doctor to doctor for about six weeks, I was finally referred to corneal specialist who diagnosed a corneal dystrophy, called epithelial basement membrane dystrophy (also known as anterior basement membrane dystrophy, map-dot-fingerprint dystrophy and Cogan’s dystrophy). It causes the outermost layer of the cornea to stick to the eyelid, making it loosen and slough off with the above symptomatic results.

I eventually found a corneal specialist who is an expert on diseases of the cornea and Dry Eye Syndrome (DES). He put me on a regimen of prescription eye drops, which helped at first, but I could not shake the symptoms. My eyes were so sensitive, that I was showering, dusting and gardening with uncomfortable swimming goggles, for fear of anything coming near my eyes. They were in frequent pain, due to the abrasion-like quality of RCE’s.

I had heard of tranquileyes™, but I was afraid to use them, because I did not want anything touching my corneas. However, at one point, the problem was so bad that I thought trying them could not hurt. After wearing them for one month, I had only one erosion, then I went for two and a half months without. Now, I can say that it has been ten and a half months without an episode, and I wear my tranquileyes™ every night.

I must have lagophthalmos, the inability to close the eye fully, and tranquileyes™ do two things for me. 1) They ensure that my eyes are full closed during sleep and 2) They buy me valuable time in the morning to open my eyes slowly, adding eyedrops, if necessary, so that the cornea does not rend. Although mine is a sever case, I suffered for years with dry eyes and received only bland eye drops from my eye doctors. If I had known about tranquileyes™ sooner, I would have avoided a lot of pain, suffering and missed work. Tranquileyes™ is central for managing my DES and RCE’s. Though I tried sleep masks of a couple of different varieties, the y do not hold my eyes closed, like tranquileyes™ do, and they do not create the optimal moisture environment that I have found using tranquileyes™ dry. They do so much to prolong my ability to do all of the reading and writing in print and online that I do for work that I am buying a second pair, so that I can treat my eyes with a cool compress in the evenings and still have my dry pair to wear all night.

Tranquileyes™ are the reason that I turned the corner toward real healing after a series of injuries to my cornea. Thanks, Eye Eco! You returned to me my normal life.

Best wishes,