Lake Havasu Family Eyecare Receives Outstanding Dry Eye Practice Award

At Eye Eco we are dedicated to finding solutions that provide relief from dry eyes, and we’re not the only ones.

Dry eyes affect more than 40 million Americans, but less than 5% of people have been properly diagnosed with Dry Eye Disease. Dry Eye Disorder can cause many health issues including obscured vision, dry skin, and even blindness. It can be caused by many things – including time looking at screens. For most of us that activity isn’t going away anytime soon.

At Eye Eco, we believe the best thing that can be done to keep eyes healthy and comfortable is regular visits to an eye care professional.

Because dry eye can have several causes, figuring out the cause is an important step in finding the best treatment option. Optometrists and Ophthalmologists do incredible work to make sure we can clearly and comfortably see everything in our lives.

We want to highlight some of the doctors who are as committed as we are to helping dry eye patients find relief. That is why we are starting a new campaign to acknowledge doctors by presenting them with Eye Eco’s Outstanding Dry Eye Practice Award.

Lake Havasu Family Eyecare in Arizona is one of our first recipients of the award. Here’s what Dr. Tania Sobchuk had to say about receiving the award and about treating patients with dry eye.

What were your thoughts when Lake Havasu Family Eyecare received the Eye Eco Outstanding Dry Eye Practice Award?
We were so thrilled and very honored. We just started back in February getting really on board and aggressive with dry eye and it has just taken off! Patients are so thankful that we don’t just glass over their problem and we actually do something about it. Working with Eye eco has really jump started our whole dry eye clinic.

Lake Havasu Family Eyecare receives the Outstanding Dry Eye Practice Award
From left to right: Dr. Brooke Vetter, Dr. Tania Sobchuk, Dr. Breanna Ruesch

Please tell us a little about Lake Havasu Family Eyecare
LHFE was founded in 2005. We have three doctors, in addition to a team of 18 and a new location at 2277 Swanson ave. We provide primary care optometry for the whole family, comprehensive eye exams, contact lenses, large optical presence with over 1000 frames, and we use HOYA lens products. We offer an Eye Spa – something new in our field and also are starting a special day dry eye clinic.


Do you have a story you can share about how your practice helped a patient(s) find relief from dry eyes? Please share.
I had a new patient yesterday – 55yo female who first presented with scratchy red burning eyes, her eyelids were very red and irritated. She couldn’t wear her contact lenses. We started her on the gentle tea tree Eyelid & Facial Cleanser (very sensitive eyes) and the DERM heat mask as well as artificial tears and also omega 3 supplements. After 3 weeks of treatment I saw her yesterday and was able to refract her, refit her with new daily MF contacts and her eyes felt so much better. They also looked better, not completely healed but SPK was less, and there was some expression out of her meibomian glands. She is a lot happier. We’ll continue all treatment and follow-up in 2-3 weeks.

What advice or tip do you have about treating patients with dry eye?
Be aggressive! Take the time to educate patients about the disease, share that artificial tears won’t help, that they need to go to the cause (which is almost always MGD) and they need to be consistent and aggressive with treatment. One treatment isn’t enough. A combination of heat, scrubs and internal therapy like omega 3 and water intake is needed.

What advice do you have for someone who is experiencing dry eye?
See an Optometrist who specializes in dry eye. Most ODs do not have the equipment, time or they lack intensive training and knowledge on the disease. Patients need to do research and ask questions, does the practice have equipment like blephex, lipiview, lipiflow – do they have a separate dry eye clinic when you come back for just treatment of the disease.

Is there anything else you’d like to say about Lake Havasu Family Eyecare, this award, or dry eye and treatment?
We appreciate everything Eye Eco is doing in this field and encourage them to continue. We will be a loyal supporter of their products and cannot wait to launch our dry eye clinic and really treat these patients and make a difference in their quality of life.

At Eye Eco, we are very fortunate to be able to work with some of these passionate helpful people who are  improving the lives of others. We plan to highlight more of these practices that are dedicated to providing relief. If you have an recommendation for a recipient of the Outstanding Dry Eye Practice Award, please send us an email at